Bonues and Earmarks

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Obama said no earmarks, but there were. Taxpayer dollars became promised bonuses for executives that participated in the companies’ failing and money troubles. When will Americans wake up?

What will it really take before America sees through all of the spin to what is really going on? How long will you accept lies just to make you feel good and go out and create yet more debt? How long can we keep raising the credit limit before we accept that fact that we cannot pay the old limits?

Before you go to bed tonight, I urge you all to take an honest look around you. Look at what really matters to you the most, a wife or husband, children, a mother or father, The love you feel for them and the responsibility you accepted to care for them. Now look and see if you can honestly say that the government or the corporations that are getting all of these bailouts feel anything at all for those that you love. Be honest with yourself even if you cannot tell anyone else. But when you have to go to the polls and vote, let these feelings guide you because its honest about how you really feel, before and after the propaganda.

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