Wake Up And Act Now


Not long ago, legislation was proposed (purportedly drafted on behalf of the AMA/FDA) that would have made vitamins and supplements available by prescription only. This blatantly takes away your right to alternative choices in health care. Now there is a bill that would make growing a garden regulated and controlled by government which will result in the end to home gardening and small farming, giving corporate agriculture exclusive monopoly over all the foods we eat. Of course that also takes away your right to be self sufficient which is a basic human right. Barcodes and RFID tags will follow everything that is human made or grown. Everything you eat, every show you watch in theaters or on television will be known. With the concept of the “smart grid” being proposed, it will work to monitor “smart appliances” and can shut off or turn down energy usage without your consent or knowledge.

Am I being paranoid or is there real indications that we are being subjected to shock and fear so that we will then be more willing to listen to anything that promises to make our lives more stable? Eric Fromm wrote Escape From Freedom prior to the rise of National Socialism in Germany, not as a political work, but a psychological context of how people generally act when they are under stress and fear.

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2 thoughts on “Wake Up And Act Now

  1. I attended a town hall meeting with Congressman Peter De Fazio D-OR and he assured the crowd that this is NOT going to happen. I would still suggest that people be aware of such issues whether they pan out as true or false.

  2. Oh Great!….there goes my asparagus patch. Oh.. and my tomatoes and my peppers and my onions – oh my! Mikado

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