Mandatory Vaccinations

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The recent H1N1 Swine Flu virus scare has many lining up for flu shots. Massachusetts is looking to make this mandatory as is other states. I am stating publicly that I will not comply and urge everyone else to refuse this as another abuse of power and infringement of out rights.

It seems that we are losing liberties at an alarming rate. Being “forced” to have a flu shot and to wear an ID bracelet for tracking people that have been vaccinated will do nothing to prevent the outbreak and spread of disease. These blatant infringements on the rights of the American people. When will this Orwellian abuse of power end? When did we give up our rights to choose what is best for ourselves?

Thomas Jefferson said, “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.

We have much more history now than Mr. Jefferson to show that his words still ring true today. I have never had a flu shot and never will. That is my right of choice and I will be damned if any government will take my rights away even in the name of national security or health.

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One thought on “Mandatory Vaccinations

  1. I agree with you. Not only is the Government trying to make this mandatory, they also remove any chance to sue the vaccine makers for pushing this poison into our bodies!

    Many flu vaccines use thimerosal, squalene, and other toxic ingredients that should be avoided at all costs. Giving the pharmaceutical companies legal immunity to push this hazardous waste is criminal and unconstitutional. Read up on it and heal yourself. Dr. is a good site to study. And there are other sites as well.

    Educate yourself and take responsibility for your own actions. We need LESS Government, not more!

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