Open Wide: Pelosi’s Puppets Ram Debilitating Food Safety Bill Through


I posted this last spring, attended a town hall meeting with Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and he assured us that it was only a rumor with no basis in fact. It is really time for a revolt in America against this fascism.

The more people sit by and do nothing the more of our freedoms and rights will be taken away. Do they really think we will buy this as a good thing for food safety? More government involvement in the lives of us citizens is unjust and blatantly unconstitutional. Petition to recall these slobs from office before we all are imprisoned for growing our own gardens outside of USDA control. Can’t speak for all but I will be resisting this and will continue to revolt against this socialist regime in Washington.

President Obama, get out of my private life and take your stooges with you. Can we recall a resident for usurping the Constitution? I don’t care about prosecution, I do care about freedom and you sir, have no clue.

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