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As my U.S. Senator, I demand that you take immediate action regarding the fraud perpetrated by Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama II against the People of These United States, against the Constitution, and against the Republic: honor your Oath of Office and defend our U.S. Constitution!

If you don’t or won’t, you will be in violation of your Oath of Office and your honor. Our Constitution IS IN JEOPARDY and the Republic WILL FALL. We won’t have Constitutional Rights because the Constitution WILL FALL.

Anything he (Barry Soetoro) has done in any capacity that requires Citizenship as an
eligibility requirement is null and void.

A Link to video:

If you watch the video, you can easily hear him admit he is not a Natural Born U.S. Citizen.
His wife says the same. His grandmother has always said he was born in Kenya: She was in the room!

They all knew before he ran for President he was ineligible and he and others have
perpetrated a fraud on the people of the United States and on The Office of the President.

If the known records and laws of other countries where he lived are correct, he is not even a Citizen of the United States. Soetoro/Obama IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!

Respectfully Yours,
_________ _________

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