A Reader’s Letter: What is And Should Never Be


My resolve for freedom for all, by the ideals set forward in the Constitution has been truly and properly tempered.
The many quenchings accomplished by way of the violations of our inalienable rights has fashioned it.
Our rights as enumerated by the proper Articles of the Constitution for the Republic of the United States have been violated in part or completely on all counts.
Our leaders are not qualified to be in office or have repeatedly failed to uphold their oath of office.
Our past and present leaders have lied outright, told partial truths, and failed to keep their word on so many occasions the American public has been blinded and deafened in small degrees. Americans entreat the promises by which the candidates became the elected, as popcorn is treated by attendees watching a show. Promises are not popcorn. The outright lies and partial truths have kept the public ignorant.
The very concepts which the Constitution envisioned have been blurred and allowed government to enact unconstitutional laws and take unconstitutional measures.
Americans now stand ignorant, blind and deaf to the abuses of government, both State and National and the very real threat to America as a Sovereign Nation.
Or, you can hear just how wonderful everything is according to Obama or Reid.
© 2008-2016 by Fred Marsico & MKUltra

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