No So Fast there, Gov’nor!


While it appears that Fox News has jumped aboard the Perry bandwagon, and is riding his hype about being the job creating leader of all governors, there are some truths about this “Texas Miracle” that first must be told.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the June unemployment rate for the state of Texas was 8.2%, while below the national average, is still only an average and does not reflect some of the counties with unemployment rates higher than 12%.  In May, Houston’s non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate jumped to 9%.

There are other truths that Rick Perry will not be publicizing in his bid for the White House.

Texas is ranked 50th (last) in the number of people who receive a high school diploma by age 25.

37% of Texas jobs pay at or below the minimum federal wage. Texas is tied with Mississippi for the highest percentage of minimum wage jobs.

Texas is 41st of 50 states in the percentage of jobs requiring post-secondary education.

Texas is the leader by far of states whose residents lack any health insurance.

It appears that Governor Perry’s Texas Miracle jobs are mainly minimum wage and and below with no benefits. So as President he will put the country to work where? At McDonald’s and Taco Bell?

More to come on Perry in the next few days.

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