Where Were They During the Primaries?

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It really galls me to listen to all of these GOP Senators and Representatives praise Ron Paul after the fact. Where were they when he was campaigning against Romney? They were calling him a crazy isolationist, with dangerous foreign policy. They and the mainstream media locked him out of every debate when they could. FOX News’s Carl Cameron had the audacity to ask Dr. Paul if he was electable during that network’s debate.

The Republican Party lied and cheated in each of the primaries to prevent Ron Paul delegates from being recognized at the convention. Changing the rules illegally to extort the delegate support required to insure their favorite son gets the nomination. The sad truth is Obama will beat Romney as he did with McCain in 2008, because Romney isn’t even a third-rate candidate.

Now look at how many of the GOP praise Ron Paul. After he was demonized by the privately-owned major media and his own party.

If Ron Paul will endorse the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, I will support and vote for him. But if not, I will vote my conscience and write in Ron Paul as my President. This is not merely about removing Obama and the Democrats, it is ending the domination of elections by the two corrupted parties.

Instead of playing by party rules it’s time they played by OUR rules. We the People are the government and We are coming to take back our nation!

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