WOW! Facebook analytics reveal a clean sweep for Donald Trump in this election!

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“WOW! Facebook analytics reveal a clean sweep for Donald Trump in this election! Sweeping 42 of the 50 states! INCLUDING NEW YORK!October 27, 2016 | 541 Comments
This map showing Facebook activity for each candidate in the 2016 presidential election should absolutely terrify Hillary Clinton.


Not only is Donald Trump far more active in terms of overall discussions, but the overall amount of positive posts regarding each candidate is completely lopsided. While Donald Trump receives almost 50-50 coverage in terms of positive and negative posts directed at the candidate, Hillary Clinton receives almost entirely negative posts, even from some of the folks who claim they’re supporters, however are still troubled by the Wikileaks releases as well as the Project Veritas videos.

 So according to this map, Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand a chance, she’s even predicted to lose New York which many people have been saying behind the scenes.

 Be sure to actually get out and vote don’t listen to the polls don’t listen to the politicians, this election is unlike any that we’ve had in times past, the silent majority has yet again awoken and the political establishment is doing all it can to ensure its own survival.”


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