Gaming and Scamming

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Immoral? Unethical? A Conman game to scam the American People forever? Can you read or say LIVID?

It is perfectly legal and that very fact should tell everyone who is still standing upright that it is just one more very painful reminder that the American Legal System and it’s Public Policy Administrative Tribunals and all of it’s Statutes and Regulations truly need to be sent back to England where it came from and belongs and return to the Law of The Land (the American Common Law System and it’s Courts).

The Scam could cost American Citizens as much as $2,600,000,000.00 ($1.9 billion + $.7 billion) over the next four years. Once again another reason to repeal Obamacare; although, if that is accomplished another scam goes into effect, the repeal of Obamacare clause states that the Treasury must pay a breach of contract penalty of $500 million per year for 20 years and that amounts to $10.0 billion dollars.

One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, it was exactly this type of action and reasoning on the part of the US Congress and higher Government Officials, that resulted in the practice of Tar and Feathering or the equally fatal practice of Hanging by the Neck Until Dead that befell some of our past Governments Officials. It would be justified, if instead of these penalties, just simple 20 years to life in prison with no possible chance of parole for 20 years were imposed and carried out. It isn’t just money, it is debt currency (FRNs) and that debt is passed on to you children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, etc., Ad nauseam ad infinitum until the debt, which is ever increasing, is paid in full. It is never paid off:  it increases.

The only ethical thing to do would be to freeze all assets controlled by Soetoro/Obama crime syndicate until Soetoro/Obama is forced into a Lawful and Just Court of the Land on Charges of Perpetrating a Fraud on the American People by violating the US Constitution and running for and accepting the office of president based on the lie that he was born in the American-Hawaiian State, and Betraying the Public Trust and strip him and his people of every dime he acquired while in office or since and cancel all future benefits or monies.

And when he is found guilty, not if, this would hold null and void everything he or his administration has done, signing bills, acts, treaties, Executive Orders, etc. which would undo some of the damage to the united States of America and in the short run would save the American People a minimum of $2.6 billion and as much as $10.0 billion over the next four years in regard to just this scam.

Looking back on the things that the Fraud occupying the White House has accomplished in the last eight years, I have not been able to find or think of one thing that has not hurt America or Americans. Not One.



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