God Bless The uSA!

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 Update:  Watch President Trump’s Oath of Office and Inaugural Address below.
Since the inauguration of John F. Kennedy I don’t think I missed watching an inauguration on television. Tonight I watched the concert from the Lincoln Memorial online and I laughed and cried, but most of all I was in awe.  I plan on watching the Inauguration tomorrow too.
Many of us were not on the ‘Trump Train’ when it rolled out on the campaign trail. I know, I was a Rand Paul supporter right up until the nomination was confirmed that Donald Trump was going to challenge Hillary Clinton. I didn’t really believe that Trump was going to beat Hillary, not because she was a better candidate, but because the privately-owned major media was doing everything possible to make Trump look like the Antichrist while touting Clinton as the first woman President.

I listened, read, watched how the campaigns of both played out. I was almost certain that evidence against Hillary Clinton was so damning that she would drop out of the race and Bernie Sanders would be the DNC candidate. But I must admit, I was wrong.
The amount of corruption and fraud exposed by WikiLeaks, congressional investigation, and even FBI and Justice Department investigations that clearly showed violations of statutes and codes, would surely bring an indictment, but then we had that ‘impromptu’ meeting on the tarmac between Loretta Lynch and former President Clinton, and suddenly there was no ‘intent’ and therefore no indictment.
What I heard and saw this evening was all about coming together as Americans, standing with those who were elected to serve and those who volunteered to serve to protect the freedoms and rights of all Americans. Twice I heard the victors of the last two presidential elections threaten that those who did not vote for their choice would have a price to pay. These are also the very same people who denounced Trump during the debates because he didn’t say he would accept the election results if there was fraud. Hillary Clinton used that as a campaign point against him.
So tomorrow America will have its 45th President. It’s time to unite as Americans and stand with our President and one another as a nation of one People. We are American People from all national origins, races, and religions. All that really matters is that we stand together as one, and celebrate a new beginning.

God bless President Donald John Trump and God bless America!

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