Opportunity Knocks!

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This Friday will be the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the Forty-fifth President of the United States of America. As he stated in his Victory speech, it is a win for US, the American People, not just those who voted for him, but for all Americans. The time for divisiveness is over. The election results are official.

I didn’t think that Trump could pull it off because both major parties seemed to be against him. They tried right up until the polls closed to deny him and the American voter to be heard. Both Democrats and Republicans feared a Trump presidency could upset the apple cart of the status quo, and set back the globalist agenda another 4 or 8 years. But it is not the President alone who will chart the course for the Great American Experiment. It will be up to We the People to be a voice that is loud enough to reach President Trump’s ears. We have learned that we can no longer entrust that voice to those who we elected to carry our voices into the US Capital and into the Oval Office.

For too long,  party politics have shaped our governments, local (city, county, state) and federal. Americans must put all of their pettiness aside and unite as one voice. We must stand for our own rights as well as the rights of our nation States, guaranteed by the Constitution, and the protections under it as well. Part of that will require many of us to step up, run for those locals offices, including school boards,  and it will only be by our Will and Consent that we can truly fix America and make her great again.We do have a great opportunity to make changes that will be for the betterment of all, but we must come together and be a voice of one to accomplish that goal. We have to stop looking at others and see only their differences, instead of seeing commonalities that make us all human beings. We have to stop looking outside of our own nation States at what other countries do, because what may be right for them may not be right for us.  We have a lot of opportunities to make America great again, and they all are dependent on We the People and the President’s ability to hear and act on our voice.

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