The Meeting That Never Happened

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On a cold winter day in Central Oregon, a group of ranchers and peaceful protesters were traveling to speak at a meeting in John Day, Grant County, when they were accosted by federal agents and Oregon State Police.  They never made the meeting. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the ambush and assassination of Robert LaVoy Finicum. His crime was being an outspoken Patriot, a man who truly epitomized what a true American hero is.


Posted by Kate Hefley Dalley on Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Saturday, many good Americans will travel to John Day in Grant County, Oregon tracing the same route taken on that fateful day that the government decided to kill a fellow American, and listen to others who stand up to oppression and tyranny in our government systems today. We will come together as Americans to take the stand that LaVoy paved  the way for us to follow.



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