Treason and Tyranny or The Truth Will Set You Free!

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There are things going on in America that the Esteemed Readers of this site needs to know. Americans must know the truth about how our government has been operating as a criminal cartel against the best interests of the People.


With Senators, Congressmen, Governors, County Commissioners, Federal Judges and Prosecutors, members of the BLM, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have all colluded in stealing lands for profit. Add former President William Jefferson Clinton and his murderous spouse, the former Democratic Presidential Candidate, and many others in conservation and environmental organizations into the cabal, knowingly and unknowingly aiding and abetting the criminal actions being perpetrated against hard-working ranchers and farmers here in the American West.

America ,This LIVESTREAM is regarding Blaine Cooper's testimony, Sugar Pine in Josephine county, Malhuer Wildlife Refuge, corrupt Judges, Lawyers (from vLewis and Clark Law School), Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, KILLARY Clinton, John Podesta, Russia , Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Greg Walden, Steven E Grasty, David Ward, Kate Brown, Sally Amanda Marshall, Stacie Beckermann, Chad Karges, Boyd Britton, Cliff Bentz, Andy Bentz, Ted Frrrioli, Stacy Davies, and others. Which is the result of the unlawful incarnation of the Hammond's and our Patriots in Nevada and Oregon. But why Blaine Cooper is testifying against our Patriots under duress and psychological abuse.

Posted by Lazaro Ecenarro on Monday, February 27, 2017

After listening to Mr. Lazaro Encenarro’s video, I will expect that many of the Esteemed Readers with be moved to take a stand for freedom.


Truth and Justice For All!

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