This Land is Your Land or Is It Really?

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How can we be in the land of the free when the land itself no longer belongs to private owners or to the States? How does federal land management equate to ‘public lands’ that is owned by the bureaus and departments of the federal system of governance? More importantly is the question of why and how did this happen?

The real story begins back before the Lincoln presidency, but it was made possible in large part to Lincoln’s dictatorial takeover of the Rights of the People and specifically the denial of States Rights. Lincoln never said, “If you like your lands you can keep your lands.”

The following video may help explain why farmers, ranchers, and just plain American landowners are fighting the US government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife, and even the FBI!


The Burning Question of Federal Land Use Policies and Land Ownership in the Western United States

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