Abuse, Torture, and Murder!

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Has it occurred to anyone that our freedoms and rights no longer matter to the federal bureaucracy? We have good Americans being held without bail simply because they protested against the government agencies who are stealing their land and rights?  Maybe because the major population centers are in metropolitan areas and they have no clue as to what is happened outside of their cocoon shelters of urban lives. Maybe because they purchase their meats and vegetables at grocery stores and supermarkets and have no idea where that food actually comes from. Or maybe because they don’t care as long as the store carries what they seek and don’t even think about how that meat and produce got there.

Well, being a big city guy, I did know where the producers were. They were in the farmlands of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They were in the corn fields of Nebraska and the arid wastelands of the West.  They were people who didn’t care about a suit and tie, when they were driving herds on horseback wearing jeans and chaps. Or when they were plowing, planting, and harvesting the bounties we all enjoy on our dining tables daily.

During the stand taken by protesters in defense of the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, media from all over the world covered the story. During the adverse possession stand at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon again the media covered it. In both incidents the protesters were portrayed as a bunch of gun-toting extremists when in neither case was that true. Carrying firearms is quite natural out here in the west and not a big deal outside of the big cities. Ranchers especially carry arms for personal safety reasons as there are quite a lot of dangerous predators lurking in the wild, and a young calf or lamb is a prime target. Cougar and coyote have been personally encountered. Fortunately I was at a safe distance and was not in any danger of becoming dinner. That is not always the case out on the open range.

Since they were held in prison without bail for over a year now, nothing at all in the media about it. After several were found not guilty in the Oregon trial including brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, there was very little in the media outside of local news.  Ammon and Ryan were not released as they should have been, but were kept in jail and transferred to prison in Nevada for the trial scheduled for June of this year. And now they are being physically and mentally abused while awaiting that trial. But where is Fox News and InfoWars? Where is Breitbart News? Where is ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC? Where is the media now? Where is the outcry for the abuses of men who never were violent, never threatened anyone with violence, and are being held without bail and basic rights?  Why isn’t the Attorney General and President getting involved and speaking about justice for these good men? Where is Rand Paul who has spoken out about criminal justice reform, but says nothing about the abuses toward those who are innocent until proven guilty?

And what about the assassination of Robert LaVoy Finicum who will never get his day in court because the government chose to murder him instead? Why is there no outrage about that?

Americans better start to wake up and stand up for freedom and rights because we are losing both.


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One thought on “Abuse, Torture, and Murder!

  1. Although it was posted above, everyone should see the video “It Matters How You Stand”.


    It will break your heart on the inhumane treatment of the federal government, right along with the Trail of Tears or the Waco Massacre. God cannot bless a nation which allows these injustices to take place without speaking up and allowing our collective voice to be heard. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing! Shout out and let your voice be heard.

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