If I Were Governor


If I were to run for the office of Governor, I would not run on a party agenda, instead, I would run on a freedom agenda, to give the People of my State the right to their own destiny.  I will promise to veto any act of legislation that abrogates the rights of the People. I will promise that I will not seek multiple terms of office for I feel that while it is an honor to serve the People, it is an honor to be passed along to another individual for the privilege of serving with such honor.

As Governor, I will call together all of the county sheriffs and let them know that they are the highest elected peace officers and as such, they are tasked with protecting the rights of the People, not enforcing the codes and statutes that deny the People their natural rights. I l will request that they work with the People to form militias, and help to train them to be good enforcers of the law and maintain the peace in their communities.

I will call upon the Secretary of State to audit every single department in the State administration for corruption and waste. And I will require my State Attorney General to vigorously prosecute any offenders to the law of the State.

I will direct the Oregon Department of Education to develop a home schooling curriculum or find one that will best suit the needs of the students of Oregon. These will be sold to parents who will then get significant tax deductions or elimination of taxes that fund public education. I will encourage the local cities and counties to take responsibility for the education of the local students rather than meet standards that will not benefit them in their life pursuits.

I will insist that all gun laws in violation of the Constitution of the united States and Article I Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution be repealed.  The freedom and Rights of the People shall not be abrogated for the illusion of security by the passage of laws that only prevent the law-abiding from exercising their natural rights of self defense and the defense of their communities and Oregon the state. I will request that the legislature also pass resolutions that make it a crime for federal agents and officers to come into our state to enforce statutes that violate the Constitution(s) and prosecute them under state law.

I will insist that all city and county officers must uphold federal immigration and naturalization laws as it is the province of the federal government to pass and enforce such laws, under the constitutional mandates of the federal body.

I will teach all who choose to seek public office that they represent the People and as such must protect the freedom and rights of the People at all times, even when it seems to be an unpopular choice with a select special interest group(s). No group of individuals will ever have more privileges or rights than the rest of the People.

I will direct the state agencies that oversee health and welfare to remove any illegal immigrant from the rolls of privileges granted, and open up more competition to health care maintenance and insurance providers to drive the costs down. And like the proposal put forth by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, I would allow groups to form and negotiate coverage for their members without government restrictions or subsidies.

And finally, I will look to revise the state election rules to make primaries open to all candidates and change the counting to county majority rather than state majority, giving the other 30 counties in the state an equal voice in the outcome of all state and national elections. One county equals one vote based on the majority of the county and not the entire state. That prevents the most populated 6 from controlling the rest.

Can I possibly accomplish so much in only one term of office?  If I cannot, I expect someone else will step up and continue where I leave off.

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