America, Where Are You?

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Offering the Esteemed Readers Patriot Prose from a patriotic American Lady.


America, where are you
Is what I’d like to ask.
Where is your heart, your labor
To take upon this task?
You sit in trepidation
Your lives are full of fear.
And still you do not take a stand
Your message here is clear.
Just as long as someone else
Is standing for your rights
You feel no obligation
To deny yourself and fight.
You live your lives in comfort
Your eyes turned toward the wall
And you will never take that stand
That just might save us all
For, we’ve become a nation
Who refuses to take part
In what we know is coming
When this nation falls apart.
And when we all awaken
To see the travesty
Of all our folks in bondage
And all our rights aggrieved
Do not call upon us
To save you from despair
For we have tried our very best
And you were never there.

By HollyJo Beers.

One thought on “America, Where Are You?

  1. I was proud to do a livestream reading of hollyJo’s moving poem from in front of the courthouse. One of many Friends we haven’t met yet, This gal has been one of our most devoted supporters.Bravo HollyJo! I can claim some credentials in this fight myself: Bundy Ranch,Sugar Pine,Malhure,and acquitted along with Ammon and Ryan in Portland. we are now haunting the fed courthouse in Vegas. But lets get back to HollyJoe’s very pertinent question; “Where are you America?” Something that We “Stickers” who recognize the gigantic stakes at risk in this trial can ask as well. We will reconvene for the next trial – Oct 10. I guess if you are there, you are there, and if you are not,you are not……

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