No Rights for Patriots

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There are no laws that prevent someone from defending themselves or their family and friends. There are no laws that prohibit an American from bearing arms when in the presence of ‘law enforcement’ officers. Unless of course, you are facing Federal Judge Gloria Navarro, who by her supreme decree, has deemed that carrying firearms in the presence of law enforcement is an assault and cause for that officer to ‘fear for his/her life’.

These four Patriots await a jury’s verdict to determine whether they will be free or sentenced to prison, simply for standing up for rights. The jury will decide based only on the prosecution and the judge, without having the opportunity to hear or see evidence for the defense of these wrongly accused good men.

Scott Drexler – 


Rick Lovelein – 


Eric Parker – 

Steve Stewart – 

These are men who harmed no one, threatened no one, and now face the prospect of spending many years in prison because the government and its corrupt judiciary. These gentlemen were not allowed by the judge to present witnesses nor to mention any unlawful actions by the government agents.


Reporters sue feds for info on FBI’s Bundy ranch infiltration with fake film crew

Impeach Judge Navarro



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