NOT GUILTY! Well, almost

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A partial victory, as Ricky Lovelein and Steve Stewart were both found not guilty by the jury. There was no evidence presented by the prosecution of either gentlemen committing a crime. The jury was able to show that with their verdict. Scott Drexler and Eric Parker have charges of threatening federal agents and related weapons charges, which I personally feel was a confusion on the part of the jury regarding firearms and militias. Both the prosecution and the judge presented false answers to the jury’s inquiries.




Based on sources in Nevada, the US government may hold Drexler and Parker for the next trial against Cliven Bundy and his sons, to tie weapons to Cliven and Ammon as neither one was armed at any time during the stand up and protest.







Jury was hung on count #5 Assault on a federal officer, count #6 Use and Carry of a firearm, count #8 Threatening a federal officer, and count #9 Use and carry of a firearm.

Other source(s):

2 Bundy Supporters Acquitted, 2 ‘Not Guilty’ On Most Charges Involving Stand Off With Feds In Nevada

Jury refuses to convict in Bundy ranch standoff

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  1. It has taken a terrible price, but we have defeated the Federal Hacks over and over again…Bundy Ranch…Sugar Pine..Malhure and the Portland Trials. The fed’s losing streak continues in Vegas,deflating their vaunted 90% conviction rate. Would any gambler in Vegas bet on Myhre and Co for guilty verdicts in the upcoming trial ? Based on the combined jury count of the last two trials, Myhre faces 7-1 odds against any convictions. I might add that Navarro and her gang had the fix in, the proceedings were rigged for guilty verdicts in every way possible, AND THEY STILL FAILED ! Withal, we can’t rest on our laurels.Our guys Eric and Scott,Ammon and the Bundy family MUST see us there in support.

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