You Can Lead One to Knowledge But You Can’t Make Them Think

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Since 2008 when I first stared the Fix America blog, I have done my best to provide accurate information and informed opinions regarding the issues facing the States of the American union. Alas, I seem to be merely a whisper in the din of the rhetoric loudly shouted by federal supremacists who want a overbearing and overreaching federal system of governance, to control every aspect of the human life in the name of social justice and civil rights.

There are only individual rights, and they can only be maintained by the free exercise of those rights. This is the foundation of the liberty sought and fought for against the tyranny of the British monarchy. We are now facing a crisis of liberty in America,

Consider how many people today point to the nations of Europe as examples of ‘social justice’ without realizing that it was the European ways that was contrary to the individual rights that the Colonists rebelled against. Why then would we want to return to such a system?

The trial(s) of ranchers and their supporters in the west demonstrate the abrogation of the rights of We the People and the tyranny of a federal government that our Founders and Framers feared would happen had they given in to the Hamiltonian vision of a central government where the States would be subservient to the will of the federal system.

Regardless of your religious beliefs,  our ancestors wrote extensively regarding the Rights of Man coming from the Creator and not from Government. The idea being that Man is created by the Creator, and rights come from the Creator. We therefore are not the Masters of the Creator as we are the product of that creation. Following the same logic, men created States and the governments to serve the needs of the people by their consent. The States in turn created a federal (contract) governmental services company (corporation) to provide a limited number of services (duties and responsibilities) to the States and the People respectively.

It should be apparent that the States being the creation of the People are the servants of the People by their agreement and consent. The same is true for the States who created the federal government in the same manner. To serve the needs of the States, it was by necessity to give certain duties and responsibilities to the federal government to provide for the ‘general welfare’ and security of those States.

So the simple question is how does the federal government become the master of its creator? And the only simple answer that I see is that We the People allowed it to be.

Silence is consent.

2 thoughts on “You Can Lead One to Knowledge But You Can’t Make Them Think

  1. Indeed ! As Ammon has said,you have to claim your rights, and use them. Allowed to go in abeyance, others will take them away. The States have allowed this default of their rights, particularly their Tenth Amendment perogatives, and allowed a self aggrandizing and all consuming Fed to take them away.As a Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine, and Malhure vet, and as one of those acquitted with Ammon and Ryan in Portland, My conscience is clear,I’ve been in the thick of it,and still am. I’m afraid though that with the inertia and ignorance of most Americans, it will have to get worse before it can start getting better.

  2. The deception started years ago in the schools. First they removed the Creator by keeping God out of the classrooms. With the Creator removed, they taught NOT to question “authority” (i.e., the teachers, government, government officials, etc.). Then they refused to teach the REAL Constitution and how some Amendments were never truly ratified by the states. The deception continued with teaching the Civil War was a war about slavery, not southern property used as collateral for the banksters. Finally, they taught the federal government “trumps” the states and that they are a higher authority.

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