Government Lies: Evidence Suppressed in Court

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The government would have you believe that a bunch of gun toting extremists instilled fear in the federal agents and their hired cattle rustlers. The indictments against these ranchers and peaceful supporters stem from the 2014 Bunkerville confiscation attempt by Bureau of Land Management against Cliven Bundy, who is accused of failing to pay grazing fees for over a decade.

The fact the government came with heavily armed paramilitary agents who were taking up sniper positions against Bundy family members (none of whom were armed) demonstrates the true threats of force were from the government and not the Bundy family or their supporters.

The following article published by the Free Range Report website includes video evidence of the BLM use of force but it was not permitted by Federal Judge Gloria Navarro in her court. The prosecution can lie and present any evidence to build their false narrative, but the defendants are not allowed to show their evidence demonstrating their innocence.

Please read the Free Range Report article and watch the video. Then share this link on social media so the public will know the truth.

Leaked Video: Are feds lying about Bunkerville LEO’s being ‘outgunned?’


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