Wallow Fire

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There is no better management of land than those whose lives and livelihood depend on good care taking of it.

“Wallow Fire”

Let’s return the forest to its natural state,
trust me boys this will be great!
We’ll shut down the loggers and cut back the cows,
this will leave more room for wolves and spotted owls.

We will build little roads for ATV’s,
and big old camps for boats and RV’s.
We will lift all restrictions of fire laws,
let no loggers in with axes or saws.

Yup, we are goin green that’s what they said,
send your cattle our way, we’ve got wolves that need fed!
We will put riparian areas for the elk to eat,
then make them cowboys keep our fences neat.

We will measure the grass, mark all the trees,
we will count all their cattle and collect our fees.
Those loggers make our forest bare,
make it look like a mans head that ain’t got no hair.

That’s what they said many years ago,
and in takin action they wasn’t too slow.

So the grass grew tall, the forest got thick
and cowboys and loggers, it made them all sick.
Now we sit here in a smoke covered town,
Forest Service trucks runnin’ around.

This coulda been stopped, but it wouldn’t be heard.
Those greenies didn’t listen, guess they’d rather it burned.
As humans we’ve failed to protect our land,
so Mother Nature stepped in and gave us a hand.

But it coulda been stopped by fallin some trees,
and that, I think, now everyone sees.
So there you go, it’s in its natural state,
but don’t cry now, it’s already too late.

You wanted a green forest, you wanted it seen,
well take a good look cause black’s the new green!
– Carson Lee

(Photo by KSL)


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