Trials and Tribulations: It’s Not About Cattle

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Bombshells in Bundy Ranch Case: Government Witness Confirms Bundy’s Claims


One of the most important trials in modern history is unfolding in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know the place where the slogan is, Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” And so far, the corporate controlled major media is silent. Contrary to the popular spin, all of this really has nothing to do with unpaid grazing fees or cattle vs. the desert tortoise. It’s about rights.

In regards to land, rights are claimed or purchased. Specific to the case of the Bundy Ranch is the water rights and grazing rights claimed and purchased long before corporation known as the Bureau of Land Management was chartered. These land rights disputes have been occurring for decades, so no, it wasn’t just the former Executive Administration that is guilty of gross abuse of power. And rather than digress on the constitutional issues of federal lands vs. State lands, we’ll stay focused on rights, recognized by congressional legislation since the first homestead, grazing, and mining acts were signed into law. Having rights to grazing and water in these lands of desert sagebrush and such hot and dry conditions, require farmers and ranchers to improvise to create such an environment to raise fruit and beef. Irrigation and reservoirs must be built and maintained where water is a precious commodity.

The many videos that have emerged since 2014 show that dump trucks contained irrigation piping ripped up by the BLM or contractors under their charge. Evidence of cattle being shot and killed and then being buried has also been brought out. Much of this evidence that was so damaging to the government’s cases was suppressed by presiding Judge Gloria Navarro. Until now.


GOVT Duplicity Revealed in Bunkerville Trial

“In a motion for mistrial filed late on Tuesday, Nov 14th, defense attorneys revealed a Bombshell that the prosecution has LIED again!

The charges against Cliven Bundy, and the other defendants, include in part the false messaging the government claims was used to attract supporters to Bunkerville in 2014.”


If they (BLM) claim that they had a court order to confiscate the cattle, why did they destroy the water infrastructure? If you don’t maintain your rights (water) you lose them. Being held without bail for nearly two years means that you are unable to maintain your water rights so you will lose them and even if you win at trial, you will still lose your rights. The legal procedure is called adverse possession, which means that you must demonstrate (defend) your right. That is the same thing that Ammon Bundy did at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon when the FBI, Oregon State Police, and other hired gunmen ambushed and assassinated Robert LaVoy Finicum.

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