America Knows Better

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By HollyJo Beers

On a lonely stretch of highway
Out in no man’s land
They waited at a dead man’s curve
To ambush all these men

Snipers in the bushes
Helos in the air
No one had a camera
But still they waited there

And when the truck came round the curve
They readied in position
To take the lives of all of them
The snow was crisp and glistened

As his vehicle approached them
One jumped in front of it
Another started shooting rounds
With one the truck was hit.

He exited the vehicle
To try to save the lives
Of those left there inside it
And, yes, they did survive

As he had his hands held high
They shot him in the snow
And then they shot him two more times
Because they could you know

They killed a man “in self-defense”
When really all they were
Were puppets in their master’s hands
Cowards all for sure.

And when it all was over
They were very proud
They had stopped another “criminal”
“We did our job”, they vowed.

They killed him there that winter
And left him in the snow
His blood was now upon their hands
For “justice” so you know

And all the brass commended them
Even though they’d lied
And covered up their dirty deeds
And called it justified.

But, America knows better!
We’ll never buy their lies
For we knew Mr. Finicum
The man who gave his life

For freedom and for justice
He stood for those in need
And you thought you could silence us
Or so you all believed.

But, he is now our hero
A man we so esteem
And you have only martyred him
And so we all believe

We’ll stand for good and righteous men
And fight you to be free
From overreaching government
And so our thoughts will be

You will never take our guns
Nor stifle what we say
LaVoy has just inspired us
To stand and make a way


For freedom, peace, and liberty
And all Amendment rights
There will be no compromise
We still will stand and we will fight.

2 thoughts on “America Knows Better

  1. Holly, I am a poet. And you have written a great poem, about a great man. I would love the opportunity to add to what you have written.

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