Kill Lists and Secret Hearings

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As the Esteemed Readers know, I have been writing about the Bundy Ranch and ranchers since 2014, when the Bundy Ranch came into national prominence thanks to journalists like Denis Michael Lynch and a few from InfoWars, who were literally ‘boots on the ground’ in Bunkerville, Nevada. I myself was on site in Burns, Oregon the day of the rally in support of Dwight and Steve Hammond, who were re-sentenced under terrorist mandatory minimum sentencing rules of the federal government. But that is a story for another day.

The current issue centers on the Bureau of Land Management and particularly with Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Daniel P. Love, who apparently composed a ‘kill list’ which placed Cliven Bundy on the top.


It was not until the Malheur Refuge protest and adverse possession occupation that the true nature of what was really happening with the Bundy Ranch and many other western ranchers, that the true story began to unfold. We all know that the government, FBI and Oregon State Police, assassinated an unarmed rancher and American Patriot, Robert LaVoy Finicum as he and others were driving to John Day, Oregon to talk to the folks in Grant County about the Constitution and rights. Twenty four days had passed from the time the occupation began and the murder of LaVoy and the arrests of the others. And then warrants were issued and arrests were made of others who were involved in the April 12, 2014 protest in Bunkerville.

Ammon Bundy and brother Ryan were arrested along with others in LaVoy’s truck and informant Mark McConnell’s Jeep Cherokee. Those remaining at the refuge were later arrested as they gave themselves up. Held without bail until trial, where a jury found most of them not guilty and hung on a few others. Judge Anna J. Brown declared a mistrial and decided that she would preside over a bench trial where she found those remaining guilty. Ammon and his brother Ryan were not released after the not guilty verdict against them, instead were sent to Nevada and again held without bail until the trial that began in October of this year (2017).
There are some other good people involved in this whole debacle, which centers on the charges of threats against federal officers with firearms, interfering with federal agents in the performance of their ‘lawful’ duties, etc.

All of the defendants were not permitted to bring up their feeling of being threatened by use of force, that was reserved for the prosecution’s case, where agents testified that the ‘threat assessment’ showed that these Bundy fellows and their ‘armed’ militia were dangerous. Several times the defense brought up the fact that unarmed women and children were being targeted with laser sights by federal agents but the Judge Gloria Navarro sustained the prosecution’s objections, to that being a ‘fairy tale’ with no basis in reality. That is until recently when evidence emerged that clearly demonstrated that there were indeed snipers and surveillance cameras near the Bundy home, monitored 24/7.

More updates coming soon!

Whistle blower Larry Wooten comes forward with evidence  that clearly shows the facts and it is not looking good for the government case. See: 


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  1. Article forgot to add the new findings… Bundy Ranch was all about uranium that was found on the property, and Reid’s involvement in the mineral rights (as shown in the court records of the Bundy case), and that it is the very same uranium being sold to Hillary Clinton’s Russian Uranium One deal.

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