Rights? What Rights?

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Photo credit Brad Jones

In it’s continuing effort to subvert the rights of the People, the Bureau of Land Management (at least one of it’s employees) claims that they are an Executive Branch agency and don’t take ‘orders’ from Congress nor the Supreme Court. This is the main problem with the BLM. It was created by President Truman without Congress, and as such a creation, dissolved the congressional enacted agencies, General Land Office and the Grazing Service. In the following article publish by the Free Range Report, Brad Jones demonstrates the overreach and tyrannical practices of an agency that is supposed to serve and protect the People of their property rights.

“The fight for mining rights on public lands in the western Mojave Desert is heating up once again.In an alleged attempt to illegally block small-scale gold miners from accessing their mining claims, the Bureau of Land Management has erected “ROUTE CLOSED” signs near Barstow, Calif.”

Photo credit Brad Jones

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