With Prejudice (Without Substance)

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After 2 years of prison without bail, while awaiting trial in a case that charged good ranchers and their supporters with crimes of threatening federal agents with firearms, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, who had recently declared a mistrial, ruled on Monday that they case be dismissed with prejudice, eliminating another trial for the four defendants, Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan, his father Cliven, (pictured above) and Ryan Payne. Mr. Payne is still under house arrest pending sentencing in a case in Oregon.

Photographs and videos of the Bundys and their supporters refute the claims of the government being outnumbered by all the protesters wielding firearms and pointing them at Bureau of Land Management agents who were attempting to confiscate cattle under a court order. When a number of Bundy family members and supporters wanted to look inside dump trucks leaving an area where the cattle were pastured, it was discovered that irrigation pipes were in the dumps, the BLM and their hired thugs got aggressive and quite violent trying to prevent anyone from discovering the truth.

During the trials the defense was prohibited from presenting evidence that clearly shows government agents were the ones who threatened the rancher and his family, and the supporters were only protecting them. US prosecutor Steven Myhre called the allegations a fantasy and claimed there were no government snipers nor surveillance cameras watching the Bundy Ranch. Both claims turned out to be in fact the truth.

Senator Harry Reid labeled the Bundy family and their supporters “domestic terrorists” on national television, providing the foundation for the eventual arrest and detention of all of the defendants without bail. The label was meant to paint these good Americans as anti-government extremists and were pronounced guilty in the court of public opinion even before arrest warrants were produced two years after the fact.

The above photo clearly shows the government snipers which the prosecution claimed was a “pipe dream” that didn’t exists. Instead they focused the court’s attention in a photo of Eric Parker looking through a rifle scope from an overpass at the agents pointing rifles at cowboys on horseback and the women and children walking with them toward the wash where the impounded cattle were being held under guard by heavily armed BLM agents who, were pointing weapons and joking about who they were going to shoot first.

The next trial for the remaining defendants is scheduled for January 26, 2018. It would be another travesty of justice and a waste of tax dollars if the judge does not dismiss the case with prejudice as she did in the latest travesty of justice.


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