Sedition or Treason or Both?

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By now, many Americans have had an opportunity to read the memo or at the very least, have heard from others who have read it and offered commentary regarding it. My opinions are not relevant however the facts speak for themselves. There never was a criminal action taken by presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, by President-elect Trump, nor President Trump. There never was any circumstantial evidence or probable cause for any reasonable person to believe that search warrants or wiretapping was warranted against Mr. Trump, his family, or anyone connected with the Trump campaign or transition team.

All evidence points to a conspiracy by opposition candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to prevent a fair election in which Donald J. Trump would win the presidency. And every effort has been made by the above mentioned conspirators and other co-conspirators to overthrow the presidency, which by definition is a coup d’├ętat or in others words, overthrow of a legitimate government.

Now the question is: “When will the suspects be arrested?” It is apparent that serious crimes have been committed by many members of government who were entrusted to serve with impartiality and integrity. There is no longer any trust in government.


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