Peace or War, or Friend or Foe: Who is Obama?

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The following article by Ben Shapiro needs to be read by all Americans who love freedom. ” A COMPLETE TIMELINE OF OBAMA‚ÄôS ANTI-ISRAEL HATREDby BEN SHAPIRO 20 Mar 2015On Thursday, the press announced that the Obama administration would fully consider abandoning Israel in international bodies like the United Nations.According to reports, President Obama finally called […]

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My Commentary on Netanyahu’s Visit: Historic!

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“Iran’s supreme leader … spews the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology,” Netanyahu said. “He tweets that Israel must be … destroyed.”I was greatly impressed by the words offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today. I was equally embarrassed by the response from the person who calls himself President and his Cabinet, as well […]

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Obama Wants A Third Term: Declare War!

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Anyone who has been following the Fix America blog knows that Obama wants to remain in office and finish the destruction of the United States. He knows that he cannot do so legally, but based on all of his actions to date, that hasn’t stopped him. Congress has on occasion made a lot of noise, but a resolution to […]

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Sheep of Fools!

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We all laugh at stupidity when it is at someone else’s expense. But what about stupidity when it has a lasting effect on your own life? Will you still laugh?Are you laughing at how stupid this whole sequestration issue is? I am. The Obama Regime spins doom and gloom will certainly befall us if we […]

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