Choose Wisely!

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How did we get to where we are today in the united States of America?  What did We the People do to deserve such a state of crisis on so many levels? We grew complacent and allowed others to take responsibility for ourselves and our Fellow Americans. We trusted in those we elected to be […]

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A Representative of the People

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I am a supporter of Art Robinson. I have read his book “Common Sense in 2012” and agree with much of what he stands for, more so than his opponent Peter DeFazio. Here is an email I received from the Art Robinson campaign. I include it in its entirety. Here Comes the Worst Pre-Election Smear Campaign […]

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What Are You?

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I am often asked if I am a Republican or Democrat. Some people hear me speak or read my posts and ask  if I am a Libertarian. I am not any of those. I am a follower of the Constitution for the United States of America, A nation founded as a representative republic but often […]

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End Prohibition

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I have never advocated the use of drugs regardless where they are obtained. That being said, I do advocate the use of herbs and natural remedies of all types. Hemp is an industrial valuable plant. The ability of hemp to be useful in so many ways other than as a ‘drug’ is overwhelming testimony to […]

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