Romney/Ryan: Dream Team or Nightmare?

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It is apparent to anyone with a pulse that Obama must be removed from office. The privately-owned major media will have you think that Romney is the way to accomplish that task. But perhaps America voters suffer from memory lapses, as they think that Romney can defeat Obama in November. I count myself among those with memory […]

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Erosion And Death Follows

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How does the benefit to the few financially greedy parasites, beholding to no one and nothing-except to increase their already overflowing coffers, outweigh any benefit to the nation and it’s people? Even if the obscene wealth of these economic predators were taxed at the same rate as the wage earners of our nation, these cannibals […]

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Bigger Sharper Teeth or Romney’s Dirty Dozen

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Willard Mittington Romney the wheeling dealing corporate raider has announced his foreign policy dream team of professionals. Not to mention the ugly truth in your face, the only real problem with this group of torture, murder, and terror oriented specialists, is their membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. This marks them as members of […]

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So… You Want Which Fox to Guard the Hen House?

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Let’s examine some facts which makes up the totality of Mitt Romney’s business experience. Bain & Company was established in 1973 by a group of seven former partners from the Boston Consulting Group headed by Bill Bain. The company was headquartered in Lexington, MA on Militia Drive. Under Bain’s direction, the firm implemented a number […]

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