Clinton Corruption Continues

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 Yet another scandalous fact about Hillary, this time it’s her Hillary for America campaign. Yes, the Esteemed Readers know how much pure evil this woman brings to the table.“Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest DonorsWells Fargo fraud department inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting repeated unauthorized charges Hillary for America processed a […]

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FINALLY! First Senior Bankers on the Planet Responsible for 2008 Collapse Jailed

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Source The Esteemed Readers may find this article of interest, regarding the global implications of these types of banking frauds and how they may effect banking institution frauds in the United States.It should seem obvious to the Esteemed Readers, who is in control of the government, giving the unwillingness to prosecute, and why so many banks donated millions to […]

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Without Consent of the Governed

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The People created a Constitution which in turn created a system of governance, which through the duties and responsibilities mandated by the Constitution is to serve the needs of the union of Free and Sovereign States not the incorporated states.  It is We the People who govern, and the corporate government that has replaced the system of governance has no constitutional authority.The purpose of […]

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IRS Money Laundering: Part II

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In the post IRS Money Laundering? You Bet! author Kevin E. Lake recounted his personal experience with having his veterans benefits garnished after the funds were deposited into his bank accounts. Just that fact that the IRS can do this is a threat to everyone who disagrees with the government, is enough to enrage any good […]

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A Voice From The Past: General Smedley Butler Speaks Outstandingly

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By 1933 corporate America was firmly established in the UNITED STATES of America, corporate ideology had already begun to supplant the ideals of free market commerce and trade (capitalism). This should be keep in mind as you read General Butler’s comments regarding corporate racketeering. “War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I […]

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Our Enemy Is The State: Part III

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In his farewell address, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex but most Americans had no real idea of what he was warning about. The term was not ubiquitous to most Americans and it was only those who were knowledgeable in the affairs of state who really understood his warning. Most […]

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A New Declaration

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“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the […]

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Give Me Liberty!

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I have written many posts about many topics over several years now. I now feel that it is time that I write about the ignorance of the general population in America. As I listen to and read the pettiness of party politics, it is more evident that this nation is failing. I can blame many […]

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Money Meltdown: Bailing out the Banks Part III

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QE3. No, it’s not the launch of a new luxury liner, It’s the third round of quantitative easing, another term the Federal Reserve Board uses to fleece the people and make the banks more profitable. Didn’t work with the housing crisis, didn’t work ten and won’t work now. Like dominoes they will all fall down with […]

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Happy Birthday U. S. Constitution: Rest in Peace!

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 As I sat down to write another post for the blog, it occurred to me that what really is troubling is the fact that most Americans relish the division in political party rhetoric. The travesty is that most are totally unaware of the divide and conquer plan that the global elitists have created and are […]

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A Beacon of Light: Take Back America

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Perhaps in some way it is self-fulfilling prophecy, the ultimate confrontation of good and evil, playing out on the stage of life each day and yet most Americans are totally unaware of it. All they see are many seemingly unrelated issues, reported more in passing, media dishes out more non-news than real news. There has […]

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The Alternative Isn’t Ominous

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I never really gave a thought about the term birth control until quite recently. But while listening to some of the discussion and debates on the issue that has become the recent diversion from what is really wrong, it occurred to me that “birth control” sounds ominous. When I hear the term mentioned it brings […]

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Fixes for the economy: Common Sense

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“The best way to put more money in people’s wallets is to leave it there in the first place.” -Edwin Feulner Wise words indeed, and words that we have not lived by in the United States of America. Instead, we the people that compose the many States of the union, have abdicated our own personal […]

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