Is Congress Taking Action: Or Just Lip Service?

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Thanks to Free Range Report Scathing letter from Congress to BLM director cites Bundy Ranch debacle, Steinle murder   Mr. Brian Steed Acting Director Bureau of Land Management 1849 C Street, N.W., Room 5665 Washington, D.C. 20240 Dear Mr. Steed, On January 8, 2018, a federal judge denied prosecutors’ request to retry Nevada cattle rancher Cliven […]

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With Prejudice (Without Substance)

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  After 2 years of prison without bail, while awaiting trial in a case that charged good ranchers and their supporters with crimes of threatening federal agents with firearms, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, who had recently declared a mistrial, ruled on Monday that they case be dismissed with prejudice, eliminating another trial for the […]

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Ryan Bundy: Opening Statement – Judge Declares Mistrial (Again)

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It’s really difficult to imagine how United States District Judge Gloria Navarro did not dismiss this case with prejudice considering all the prosecutorial misconduct that has been uncovered thus far.  It’s time for action from Washington to stop this blatant abuse of power and criminal behavior by those we are supposed to trust with our […]

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Kill Lists and Secret Hearings

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    As the Esteemed Readers know, I have been writing about the Bundy Ranch and ranchers since 2014, when the Bundy Ranch came into national prominence thanks to journalists like Denis Michael Lynch and a few from InfoWars, who were literally ‘boots on the ground’ in Bunkerville, Nevada. I myself was on site in […]

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America Knows Better

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  By HollyJo Beers On a lonely stretch of highway Out in no man’s land They waited at a dead man’s curve To ambush all these men Snipers in the bushes Helos in the air No one had a camera But still they waited there And when the truck came round the curve They readied […]

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Trials and Tribulations: It’s Not About Cattle

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  UPDATE: BOMBSHELLS IN BUNDY RANCH CASE: GOVERNMENT WITNESS CONFIRMS BUNDY’S CLAIMS Bombshells in Bundy Ranch Case: Government Witness Confirms Bundy’s Claims   One of the most important trials in modern history is unfolding in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know the place where the slogan is, Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” And so […]

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Government Lies: Evidence Suppressed in Court

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The government would have you believe that a bunch of gun toting extremists instilled fear in the federal agents and their hired cattle rustlers. The indictments against these ranchers and peaceful supporters stem from the 2014 Bunkerville confiscation attempt by Bureau of Land Management against Cliven Bundy, who is accused of failing to pay grazing […]

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Rural Cleansing: A Conspiracy

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  Most of the public is totally unaware of the plans to move rural Americans off of their lands and into the big urban areas where they are dependent on government and not their own ways and means. Of course they will say that it’s for the environment, for the wildlife, to save the trees, […]

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NOT GUILTY! Well, almost

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  A partial victory, as Ricky Lovelein and Steve Stewart were both found not guilty by the jury. There was no evidence presented by the prosecution of either gentlemen committing a crime. The jury was able to show that with their verdict. Scott Drexler and Eric Parker have charges of threatening federal agents and related […]

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No Rights for Patriots

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      There are no laws that prevent someone from defending themselves or their family and friends. There are no laws that prohibit an American from bearing arms when in the presence of ‘law enforcement’ officers. Unless of course, you are facing Federal Judge Gloria Navarro, who by her supreme decree, has deemed that […]

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Impeach Judge Navarro

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The Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog and website are aware of the injustice displayed in federal courts across the States. This particular case draws our attention to the fact that standing up for your rights in the States today is viewed by the government as a “virus” by such individuals as Senator Ron […]

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