Cow Chips And The Tortoise: Or How BLM Pushes Agenda 21 While Reid Profits

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  I have not been compelled to write anything about the recent Clark County Nevada cattle grazing rights dispute between the Cliven Bundy Ranch and various  federal agencies that have in effect, taken over much of Bunkerville and designated ‘First Amendment Zone’ by which they really mean the rights of the First Amendment are suspended […]

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The Last Line of Defense

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Myth: We obtain our rights from the ‘Bill of Rights’  by way of the Constitution of the United States of America.Fact:  We obtain our rights from our Creator. The Constitution is a document of mutual agreement among all U.S. citizens. The agreement is composed of two concepts; the first is self-governance, and the second is the restrictions and […]

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Doing the Right Thing: A Revolutionary Concept!

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This last week I witnessed what some are calling a historical event. By standing up and talking for over thirteen and one half hours, Senator Rand Paul did what we elect all of our representatives to do; protect our rights.Perhaps it is the fault of an education system that is wrought with bureaucracy and corruption; […]

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Taxing the Wealthy to Create Prosperity

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No other nation was more productive and prosperous than was the United States of American just after the turn of the century. And no other nation was envied for its wealth as much either. That is not taught in history. It is one of those lessons that good teachers brought out of the students when […]

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Sheep of Fools!

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We all laugh at stupidity when it is at someone else’s expense. But what about stupidity when it has a lasting effect on your own life? Will you still laugh?Are you laughing at how stupid this whole sequestration issue is? I am. The Obama Regime spins doom and gloom will certainly befall us if we […]

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Finally I Have Been Heard!

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Just a short note on why I was not online at all yesterday. I had a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to make a final determination on my Social Security Disability claim. While I thought the whole process was a gross waste of resources and taxpayer dollars, it was satisfying to learn that according to the […]

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Our Enemy Is The State: Part II

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Would it not be better for all concerned if  the State and local governments took responsibility for building their own roads and highways? Yes, there can be a standard in how these roads must interconnect with those of adjoining states, but it need not be a federal mandate or regulation. It seems that the needs of the […]

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The Chance of a Lifetime!

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History will remember the 2012 United States Election regardless of the outcome. It will either record the greatest defeat of liberty or it will be the greatest restoration of sovereignty known to modern humanity. As the world waits and watches the results, their fate will also be determined by the choice the American voters make. […]

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Homelessness in America

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About 11 years ago, I became homeless when my wife had medical issues that were not being properly treated by her doctors. Bipolar disorder forced me to seek temporary shelter until such a time as my wife emotional state was stabilized. That took over one year of medications and therapy. I am now homeless again, […]

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Change Proposal

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Change is the one constant that we all can depend on. Whether it is the weather or the seasons, the pressing issues of the moment, change is inevitable. Many people resist change. “Why can’t it be like it was?” It is because like the seasons, we all change also. Some will change for the better […]

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The Propaganda Machine

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During the National Socialist takeover of Germany, Hitler and his backers employed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns ever designed up to that time. Here in America today, we are being attacked by an even greater technology, that penetrates every aspect of our modern society.The propaganda has become part of education in public schools […]

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A Representative of the People

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I am a supporter of Art Robinson. I have read his book “Common Sense in 2012” and agree with much of what he stands for, more so than his opponent Peter DeFazio. Here is an email I received from the Art Robinson campaign. I include it in its entirety. Here Comes the Worst Pre-Election Smear Campaign […]

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Open Letter to Congressman Peter DeFazio

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The letter below is the full text that was sent to the Democratic incumbent by his challenger, Art Robinson. I am supporting Dr. Robinson (PhD) because everything he stands for demonstrates integrity, honesty, and his knowledge and pledge to limit federal government to those powers delegated to it by We the People in the Constitution. July, 18, […]

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Power Grab by Dictator of National Care

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The upcoming decision and ruling to be handed down by the supreme court sometime this summer will determine whether or not you will be able to find and receive proper health care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,if upheld as constitutional, will be administered by non-medically trained people. The underlying intent of the PPACA is uniquely political in its philosophic construction and has little to do with […]

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