Where Do We Go From Here?

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Since 2008 I have been writing articles and sharing articles from other authors with the Esteemed Readers of Fix America. Over those years I  have also shared these posts on forums and within comments of news articles, published by the privately-owned major media and other media outlets of lesser fame.Most of what I see, hear, […]

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The Rise of the Citizens’ Militia: The Defenders of the Republic

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We are witnessing what may be a turning point in this nation’s history. It will fall upon the will of the People whether or not the Republic will be restored or  the Republic remains a corporate entity, the UNITED STATES. The privately-owned major media is focused on any conflict in the Middle East, while thousands of […]

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Are You American?

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Most people who are citizens will answer “Yes!” Citizenship alone does not make you an American. No, being American is not the ability to vote or wave the flag and sing the national anthem.The peoples who came to America did so for freedom. Freedom to worship as they believed, freedom to work and keep the fruits of their […]

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How to Plant The Seeds of Destruction: or The Icelandic Solution No One Remembers Part 6

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A Third Suggestion Offered with Caution:  The Icelandic Solution A third solution exists for regaining what has been lost, stolen, and usurped. An en’ mass occupation of The U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.;  however, there are dozens of Underground escape routes available to ‘Government’ Officials, not to mention this particular group of criminals have the largest […]

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The Pain of Health Care at Any Cost: the Remedy is Nullification and Then Repeal

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Americans are beginning to realize that the Affordable Care Act is not as what it was originally presented. An affordable health care system, which would provide health care to those who required it, it is not. It has developed, as those who assembled it knew it would, into a scheme for a tax revenue stream. Tax the young, who will […]

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Fixing Government: Grand Jury Presentments

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UPDATED:  7/10/2016 What recourse do the people of America have when every branch of government, and the bureaus, departments and agencies we have entrusted with maintaining law and order under the the US Constitution are filled with incompetent and negligent elected and appointed officials to such an extent that many should be considered criminals, who have no […]

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History Forward and Future Change

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The United States was a place where people could gather with the ability to openly discuss ideas and openly voice their opinions, individually or collectively, to live and work without fear of reprisal or retaliation from anyone, to own outright the place were you lived, the fruits of your labor, those things you bought and to establish the means for self governance. […]

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Our Government Has Been Busy

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Before and during the coming economic collapse, a state of National Emergency will be declared by the person occupying the White House. This will be followed by the announcement of Martial Law. Considering the current events which are in direct alignment with documented plans for totalitarian one-world government, (white paper plans published by the Tri-Lateral […]

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The Last Line of Defense

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Myth: We obtain our rights from the ‘Bill of Rights’  by way of the Constitution of the United States of America.Fact:  We obtain our rights from our Creator. The Constitution is a document of mutual agreement among all U.S. citizens. The agreement is composed of two concepts; the first is self-governance, and the second is the restrictions and […]

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True Patriots: Lovers of Liberty

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It is not easy to be a true patriot in the United States of America today. The main reason being that the government has written so many laws that violate individual and State’s rights, that it will take decades to sift through them all and nullify them all.One way of handling the problem is at the State […]

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Immigration and Border Control

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The way I see it, the immigration ‘problem‘ can be handled quite simply and it will save tax dollars.First, you must remove the incentives that attract foreigners from coming into the U.S. illegally. You do that by removing ALL federal benefits for education, food, health care, and shelter. If you arrive here from anywhere else with proper documentation, you […]

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Dear Dan

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   I am replying to an email that I received regarding the current environment in which we now live in America. After careful consideration of facts, it appears that blame and fault is not going to fix what is wrong, only action by good Americans can do that. Keep in mind that it is more […]

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Voting Reform

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There are three primary areas to consider when looking at how our vote is made to count. It was explained in detail how to insure the integrity of the vote in my post Protecting The Vote. But there are two more points to make clear. The second is to have an informed electorate. The voters […]

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Principles, Not Ideology

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What have we become as a nation? Our country was founded upon principles. Even though there were no prohibitions to slavery, drugs, guns, or rock and roll, there were always principles that led most people to do the right thing. Slavery was not practiced by all, and it was the founding principles that did not […]

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