420 – Cannabis Cures

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  The prohibition of hemp has nothing to do with drugs. A plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years for so many uses was demonized because of its many benefits and not for any dangers. The follow videos demonstrate the farce of cannabis prohibition in America and offers the viewers the opportunities of […]

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DEA-FBI-NSC Activities Are Comically Obvious When Looking At A Trail of Bodies

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The following article could be considered comical if it weren’t for a long history of drug trade into the U.s. The history heats up with Reagan and the Iran-Contra fiasco and President Reagan’s warning to the American people regarding the takeover of the country. Then the Clinton crime family’s dealings in Mena, Arkansas (a portion of which is […]

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End Prohibition

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I have never advocated the use of drugs regardless where they are obtained. That being said, I do advocate the use of herbs and natural remedies of all types. Hemp is an industrial valuable plant. The ability of hemp to be useful in so many ways other than as a ‘drug’ is overwhelming testimony to […]

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