Are You Worried?

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If you are not concerned about liberty, then you probably really aren’t that concerned about this coming November elections. I can understand that. Most people are dealing with high fuel prices, unemployment, fear of another war, paying the mortgage or rent, buying a new iPhone, what’s on TV, who won the game, what shall I wear? All […]

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You’re Kidding! Who are the Candidates?

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It seems that many of us not only think alike but we do so in sync with one another. Due to a few minor glitches in updating a PC, I was unable to receive email, so I was not aware of the email containing an article very similar to one I had been writing and was getting […]

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Sawyer Adrift On A River of Lies

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ABC’s Diane Sawyer has relayed the triumphant victory of the Texas Primary for Republican darling Willard Mittington Romney as having more than the required number of delegates to catapult that dead weight to be the nominated republican candidate for president. But, WAIT A MINUTE… less than ten percent of the precincts had been reported when […]

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A Beacon of Light: Take Back America

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Perhaps in some way it is self-fulfilling prophecy, the ultimate confrontation of good and evil, playing out on the stage of life each day and yet most Americans are totally unaware of it. All they see are many seemingly unrelated issues, reported more in passing, media dishes out more non-news than real news. There has […]

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What Is The Prime Target?

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Regardless of the rigged caucus and primary elections results for the CFR member, Willard Mittington Romney, the corporate raider who truly belives “greed is good,” has based his entire business career on it. “Greed constitutes his major motive.” The important outcome of the general election for 2012 will not be who becomes President, but what […]

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What Will You Do?

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The privately-owned major media can’t report what it is told not to report i.e., “Obama Issues Kill Order” a follow on to Operation Mockingbird. The truth does not matter when the press is controlled: so what will you do? ┬áIf you continue to watch and listen to censored news, it is difficult to think over […]

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The Big Fix

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There is a concerted effort to defraud the public by rigging the elections. The group Black Box Voting touts itself as America’s Election Watchdog and with good reason. They have uncovered the fraud and how it is done. I have a first-hand account of a fraud perpetrated on the voters in Nevada by a representative […]

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