God Bless The uSA!

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 Update:  Watch President Trump’s Oath of Office and Inaugural Address below. Since the inauguration of John F. Kennedy I don’t think I missed watching an inauguration on television. Tonight I watched the concert from the Lincoln Memorial online and I laughed and cried, but most of all I was in awe.  I plan on watching the […]

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Opportunity Knocks!

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This Friday will be the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the Forty-fifth President of the United States of America. As he stated in his Victory speech, it is a win for US, the American People, not just those who voted for him, but for all Americans. The time for divisiveness is over. The election […]

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Awakening America!

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The world is changing and many are left in panic. Fear dominates the progressive movement as more people are awakening and realizing that they can fair better without the shackles of government dependency. The People of the many States are tasting true liberty, some for the first time, and others feeling a return to what […]

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Busted! Joe Biden Admits To Undercover Reporter That Clinton Is Guilty But Will Never See Jail Time

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For the enlightenment of the Esteemed Fix America Readers.  “Joe Biden, king of the gaffe, the man who told a group of people that terrorists would absolutely “test the mettle” of Barry Obama, has done it again. This time, it’s not so innocent.A reporter for a small local publication in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is going to break […]

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Making America Great Again

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When immigrants came to America, they came with dreams for their futures. America was called the Land of Opportunity, and that is what brought them to these shores. Many came with only the clothes on their backs and a skill or trade that was going to make them a good living. They learned quickly to […]

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Choose Wisely!

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How did we get to where we are today in the united States of America?  What did We the People do to deserve such a state of crisis on so many levels? We grew complacent and allowed others to take responsibility for ourselves and our Fellow Americans. We trusted in those we elected to be […]

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Americans Don’t Need to Vote, or Dead People Will Vote For Americans

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Reports of voting machine fraud are being reported in multiple voting districts in several states.Notably, Texas, which has early voting, has been having electronic machine votes switched from Trump to Clinton. The Polling officials have been instructed to use the phrase ‘Calibration Error’ to explain why the machines are incorrectly tallying votes. Experts far and wide are beginning to speak-up: […]

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America As It Should Be

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The Esteemed Readers of this blog know that many of these individual issues have been addressed before in the many posts we have published since 2008. The following article by an ex-CIA spy and former US Marine, calls on Congress to take immediate actions. Fix America calls on its Esteemed Readers to call and write […]

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The Farce Continues: And You Bought It All!

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With only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, it is obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton may face criminal charges along with several other members of her staff. That is at present, only the remotest of possibilities, because the Department of Justice is more focused on those who slander […]

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The Great Debate?

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Fox News will host a GOP candidate debate this Thursday, August 6, 2015. The hype is no less than that of a heavy weight boxing match on pay-per-view.  According to the spin, Donald Trump leads the field of contenders. Why? Is he that ‘refreshing’ that the public sees him as a serious Presidential hopeful? Allow […]

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In Denial: The Wrong Message

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The truths in the election results are not being told by the privately-owned major media. None of them are. There is a huge Republican Party victory by candidates of the conservative movement in many States, but here in Oregon it is progressive socialism still sailing on albeit on rough seas. Evidently there are more people in the metropolitan areas that […]

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The ACA is the VA Way!

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The real cost of healthcare will not really hit until after the mid-term elections, and quite possibly not until the People are fooled once again into believing the Democrats will fix everything once they have another socialist in the White House and return the House to a socialist majority. Don’t expect the Republicans to do […]

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My Response to Senator Merkley’s Campaign Manager

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I certainly must admit that these people have unmitigated gall! After removing my letter from his Facebook page and then removing my comment regarding the same, I published both Senator Merkley’s email and my reply for the Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog to peruse. But instead of addressing me, the non-representing Senator and […]

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Final Countdown: Saving America With The Ballot

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For too long now, Americans have assumed that whomever they elect for public office will protect their rights and represent their interests. What they fail to consider is that a political party has an agenda that is usually contrary to that of the People’s. Political parties are funded by special interest groups, political action committees […]

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