PPACA: Smashing Success!

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Every now and then, I do run across someone who gets it.  It’s from one perspective and yet it does demonstrate how Americans are being fleeced of their property and liberty.Please share and give credit to Mr. Root and to FoxNews for telling the truth! Why ObamaCare is a fantastic success By Wayne Allyn Root  Published […]

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Attention: The World’s Last Chance

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This coming November, the American People will decide the future of the nation and the so-called free world. This is going to be more than a contest between the two dominating political parties and the liberal or conservative agendas each purport to uphold. No, this November’s Presidential election will decide whether the United States of […]

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The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

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This animation by Latoya Egwuekwe shows the shocking decline of jobs across the United States. But even with these startling statistics, it does not include many other Americans who are not counted for reasons such as part-time employment, ineligibility for unemployment benefits, businesses that were forced to close, etc. Including all figures would no doubt, […]

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