It Makes Me Wonder

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As the year 2013 comes to a close and we begin 2014, the focus will no doubt be on the deadlines on healthcare coverage and the fines they call taxes that will ensue. But that is not what makes me wonder. Does anyone know who has the authority to write law? Does anyone know where […]

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Fear Rules America, or A Land of Cowards and Slaves

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Anyone who has examined the facts surrounding various recent Incidents now realizes that groups within the US government have carried out PSYOPS and false flag operations on US soil against US Citizens. From Ruby Ridge to Waco, from the Oklahoma City bombing to the World Trade Center, these operations were carried out to cover up, misdirect public attention, and steal gold and securities. […]

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The Abyss of Arrogance and Conceit

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It’s not about Treyvon Martin nor is it about racism. It’s simply about Obama and what Obama thinks is best. It is about a pathological narcissistic liar who lets no tragedy go without exploitation for personal or political gain. The man who calls himself President always makes it about himself because it has to be about […]

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Broke and Broken!

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We all know we are not only broke, but that we are in multi-trillion dollar debt. What is being made public (finally!) by the privately-owned major media is how  bad our government is broken. We have not operated under a true constitutional government for many decades. We are no longer a representative republic, having our electoral system totally corrupted […]

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