Treason and Tyranny or The Truth Will Set You Free!

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  There are things going on in America that the Esteemed Readers of this site needs to know. Americans must know the truth about how our government has been operating as a criminal cartel against the best interests of the People.   With Senators, Congressmen, Governors, County Commissioners, Federal Judges and Prosecutors, members of the […]

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Iowa – Foaming at The Mouth – Panic!

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Eastern Goldfinch eyeing soy beans From a Concerned Reader: Eastern Goldfinches eating entire 2012 Soy Bean Crop? Cows ignore rumors of Corn growing from Wild Rose Bushes. Hogs dismiss foaming at the mouth and climb down out of Oak Trees all over the state? All 3,046,355. Human residents crowd into Des Moines and chant “Our Liberties […]

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