420 – Cannabis Cures

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  The prohibition of hemp has nothing to do with drugs. A plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years for so many uses was demonized because of its many benefits and not for any dangers. The follow videos demonstrate the farce of cannabis prohibition in America and offers the viewers the opportunities of […]

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America As It Should Be

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The Esteemed Readers of this blog know that many of these individual issues have been addressed before in the many posts we have published since 2008. The following article by an ex-CIA spy and former US Marine, calls on Congress to take immediate actions. Fix America calls on its Esteemed Readers to call and write […]

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Without Consent of the Governed

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The People created a Constitution which in turn created a system of governance, which through the duties and responsibilities mandated by the Constitution is to serve the needs of the union of Free and Sovereign States not the incorporated states.  It is We the People who govern, and the corporate government that has replaced the system of governance has no constitutional authority.The purpose of […]

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Sterling Ideas Always Glitter, or Bright Objects Can Cause Blindness: GMOs Move Forward – Part 1

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It might seem to the American people simply trying to function in today’s society is enough to fill anyone’s life and the plate in front of them. Americas’ past, present, and future Bio-warfare research and development efforts, “in the name of prevention”, continues to collect samples, develop new strains, and hopefully develop anti-toxins and vaccines for the arsenal against Bio-warfare agents. The problems […]

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A Darker America

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Due to the decidedly lackluster leadership of these illegal activities and with safeguards that are almost non-existent, new and emerging diseases are now spreading throughout the U.S. population. Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Morgellons Disease are representative of these mishaps.The Obama Administrations’ version of the CDC, NIH, FDA, EPA and other lettered groups tells us not to worry, it is […]

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To Your Health! Alternative Cancer Treaments

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When my late wife Cyndi was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, she was too far gone for conventional treatments. Tumors had spread into her spine and brain and the oncologists could not even perform radiation therapy on her. They sent her home under hospice care to die.I began researching alternative treatments but many of […]

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To Your Health! Hydrogen Peroxide

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It makes sense that if the government was truly concerned about the well-being of the public, health care costs needs to be secondary to the actual treatments and cures. Since its founding, the American Medical Association has done little to further, in fact, the contrary is obvious since is accomplished for the benefit of patients. […]

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Stay out of my medicine cabinet!

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The FDA recently has demanded that Proctor & Gamble stop selling its Vick’s Nyquil products which contain vitamin C because it violates the mixing of supplements with drugs. Now to some this may seem trivial, but in reality it is a blow against the supplement market in general, and against the rights of an individual […]

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