The Takeover of the USA

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I thought about writing a new article with lots of links to previous articles, citations and references to other source materials, and then I found this video does more than what I can possibly do in a post that at best would be too verbose for even the most astute of the Esteemed Readers of […]

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America As It Should Be

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The Esteemed Readers of this blog know that many of these individual issues have been addressed before in the many posts we have published since 2008. The following article by an ex-CIA spy and former US Marine, calls on Congress to take immediate actions. Fix America calls on its Esteemed Readers to call and write […]

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Americans Need to Awaken from a Sleep That Will Kill Them

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Americans are due for a horrendous awakening. It will blind side them like a thug in a dark alley throwing a sucker punch:  and Americans will not be able to get back on their feet for round two. Round two will be the use of force, overwhelming force, and the use of the unlawful legal system (and everything it represents) […]

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The Great Debate?

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Fox News will host a GOP candidate debate this Thursday, August 6, 2015. The hype is no less than that of a heavy weight boxing match on pay-per-view.  According to the spin, Donald Trump leads the field of contenders. Why? Is he that ‘refreshing’ that the public sees him as a serious Presidential hopeful? Allow […]

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The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction

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The following article was first published by Rumor Mills in March of 2008. It seems relevant to repost it today as we are on the verge of losing our nation to a global cabal. Thanks to Raylean Allan Russbacher! 1992:  GUNTHER RUSSBACHER EXPOSES THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND ITS OWNERS Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail] Date: […]

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IRS Money Laundering? You Bet!

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While doing due diligence as I research articles, documents, letters, memos, and other reference material, I occasionally run across other authors, express themselves in a manner that I cannot ignore. Kevin E. Lake is such an author. I present to the Esteemed Readers of this blog, Mr. Lake’s article which is based on his own […]

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How to Plant The Seeds of Destruction: or The Corporate Logic of Insanity Part 3A

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From another point of view it follows that:From a different (but-true-never-the-less) legal point of US Legal History it is recorded that:U.S. Law is Private Merchant Law, leaving the people as Surety and Debtor on the bankruptcy.Law is contract, universally and in the U.S., so we must follow the progression of contractual agreements which constitute the […]

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Meanwhile, Back on The Ranch

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This rant is true, accurate, and poignant. It hits the proverbial nail on the head. There are of course other additional concerns and mitigating or amplifying concerns which have already happened in our Nation’s past and earlier, which are best left for other posts. One of the major problems has been one of corporate person-hood, as […]

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Hook Line and Sinker: The Plans Are Revealed Part 2

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  There is a mountain of factual evidence piling up which evinces more than just a fraud, or series of frauds. The real facts amassed make obvious the collusion of Federal and State Officials on several levels in a conspiracy of monstrous proportions that has been in operation since 1871 and its inception during the […]

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Happy New Year?

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I have been concerned about an issue to present to my Esteemed Fix America Readers for this first post for 2014. I’m still not certain that I have a clear picture of what lies ahead. I know of all the possibilities but I’m not sure that the American People have what it takes to stop […]

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It Makes Me Wonder

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As the year 2013 comes to a close and we begin 2014, the focus will no doubt be on the deadlines on healthcare coverage and the fines they call taxes that will ensue. But that is not what makes me wonder. Does anyone know who has the authority to write law? Does anyone know where […]

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The Abyss of Arrogance and Conceit

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It’s not about Treyvon Martin nor is it about racism. It’s simply about Obama and what Obama thinks is best. It is about a pathological narcissistic liar who lets no tragedy go without exploitation for personal or political gain. The man who calls himself President always makes it about himself because it has to be about […]

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Trampling on Tyranny

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Spinning propaganda to promote policies that have nothing to do with the issues is now the way party politics operates at all levels of government. A look at the facts will demonstrate the fallacy of what the politicians and government wants us to believe.No background checks or bans to weapons or magazines would have had […]

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Taxing the Wealthy to Create Prosperity

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No other nation was more productive and prosperous than was the United States of American just after the turn of the century. And no other nation was envied for its wealth as much either. That is not taught in history. It is one of those lessons that good teachers brought out of the students when […]

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