What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: Rule by Force and Lies Part 3

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The person illegally occupying the White House* has done everything humanly and inhumanly possible to divide the Nation in all ways while setting family members against one another (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts paid by DHS to report their parents subversive (according to the DHS) activities) and neighbor against neighbor (spread the wealth mentality). The […]

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What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: What Life Shall Orders Demand? Part 2

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These are orders that will directly affect everything and will have a direct effect on all our lives, now and in the future. PLEASE READ IN ALL DIRECTIONS, and take a minute or two of your time to comprehend what you are reading! EXECUTIVE ORDERS issued by U.S. Presidents in the recent 100 years+: Teddy […]

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Our Government Has Been Busy

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Before and during the coming economic collapse, a state of National Emergency will be declared by the person occupying the White House. This will be followed by the announcement of Martial Law. Considering the current events which are in direct alignment with documented plans for totalitarian one-world government, (white paper plans published by the Tri-Lateral […]

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A Fond Farewell: The Last American Statesman

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We may never know what America would have been had the American People stood up to the parties in force and elected Dr. Ron Paul as their 45th President. It is an equally sad day for those Texans that he has represented admirably for twenty three of the last thirty five years in the House of Representatives. […]

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What Is The Prime Target?

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Regardless of the rigged caucus and primary elections results for the CFR member, Willard Mittington Romney, the corporate raider who truly belives “greed is good,” has based his entire business career on it. “Greed constitutes his major motive.” The important outcome of the general election for 2012 will not be who becomes President, but what […]

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The Means?

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What if Fox Network never allowed Andrew Paolo Napolitano to make another broadcast?What if Fox Network instead fired him for his efforts to awaken U.S. Citizens to the dangers our nation faces from within?What if Barack Obama is not a U.S. Citizen of any kind, but instead an Indoneasian Citizen?What if Barack Obama is an […]

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The Great New Hampshire Debate-For Educational Purposes Only

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by a concerned reader The New Hampshire Debate has accomplished little to define either the candidates intentions, ideas, or beliefs or a coherent account of their records. This was due to the moderators questions which steered around all the major problems facing this country focusing on issues not pertinent to the governance of this nation […]

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Is Breakfast Ready?

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When are Americans going to realize both the Republican Party and Democratic Party are owned and controlled by the same group of criminals that have raped our country and are about to take complete control of our nation? They have stripped us of our constitutional rights and are about to get rid of the U. […]

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