Rate The Debate

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While there are many analysts who think that Trump and Jeb Bush were the big winners in last Thursday night’s FoxNews debate, to anyone who viewed this two-hour farce, it is plain to see that the stand out and stand up presidential hopeful was Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). From the very start, Paul challenged Trump’s […]

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The Great Debate?

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Fox News will host a GOP candidate debate this Thursday, August 6, 2015. The hype is no less than that of a heavy weight boxing match on pay-per-view.  According to the spin, Donald Trump leads the field of contenders. Why? Is he that ‘refreshing’ that the public sees him as a serious Presidential hopeful? Allow […]

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Immigration and Border Control

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The way I see it, the immigration ‘problem‘ can be handled quite simply and it will save tax dollars.First, you must remove the incentives that attract foreigners from coming into the U.S. illegally. You do that by removing ALL federal benefits for education, food, health care, and shelter. If you arrive here from anywhere else with proper documentation, you […]

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Why Are We Targets of Terrorists?

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Everyday we are bombarded with media from all parts of the world regarding terrorism, and much of it seems to be targeting Americans.  Aside from the issues in the Middle East, much of it is also against America’s ally Israel; we still do not have an answer that addresses the true reasons why.The most recent […]

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Homelessness in America

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About 11 years ago, I became homeless when my wife had medical issues that were not being properly treated by her doctors. Bipolar disorder forced me to seek temporary shelter until such a time as my wife emotional state was stabilized. That took over one year of medications and therapy. I am now homeless again, […]

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Happy Birthday U. S. Constitution: Rest in Peace!

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 As I sat down to write another post for the blog, it occurred to me that what really is troubling is the fact that most Americans relish the division in political party rhetoric. The travesty is that most are totally unaware of the divide and conquer plan that the global elitists have created and are […]

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Who Wins?

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With all of the media coverage of the 4th rate candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney as the favorite son of the Republican Party for 2012, it begs the question as to why that is so. After all, he finished behind eventual winner John McCain AND Mike Huckabee in 2008. So how can Americans support him now? […]

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A Challenge to Voters

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Tuesday March 6 is being called Super Tuesday. Big deal. Most Americans just follow the analysis they get from the privately-owned major media, who obviously are controlled by people that have a major stake in the outcome of the election. And yet, as if by cue after all is said and done, the voters prove […]

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Process of Elimination: Newt Gingrich

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It should not be a surprise to anyone that Mitt Romney is no longer the top pick of the GOP. His third-place finish behind John McCain in 2008 indicates that he wasn’t the  party favorite then either. So now they, along with the privately-owned major media are pushing former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich […]

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Democracy or Republic? Your Choice!

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Parallels are being drawn in the media between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street mobs. So I thought I would do some research myself and see where these parallels are. What I find is quite contrary to what is portrayed by the privately-owned major media. Where does the First Amendment end and public nuisance and disorderly […]

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If Things Were Right

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In the vision of our founders as is demonstrated by the careful word crafting in the documents that we now call Founding Documents, the explicit limits to federal government are plain. In all of them the rights to all were equal, not that all are equal. One who works for wages or starts their own […]

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Charitable: Government: With Other People’s Money!

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Has it ever occurred to you that if you didn’t have such high taxes, you can afford to donate to the cause(s) that you have the most compassion for? Instead of sending money to foreign countries (who mostly hate us anyway) you and your neighbors could get together and help that family in your neighborhood that faces eviction […]

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