The Farce Continues: And You Bought It All!

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With only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, it is obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton may face criminal charges along with several other members of her staff. That is at present, only the remotest of possibilities, because the Department of Justice is more focused on those who slander […]

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The Means?

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What if Fox Network never allowed Andrew Paolo Napolitano to make another broadcast?What if Fox Network instead fired him for his efforts to awaken U.S. Citizens to the dangers our nation faces from within?What if Barack Obama is not a U.S. Citizen of any kind, but instead an Indoneasian Citizen?What if Barack Obama is an […]

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What If?

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UPDATES with the video. < By Andrew Paolo Napolitano“What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey? What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? “What if […]

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