POW or Enemy Sympathizer? And What About Coal?

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A lot is being said about the exchange of five high level terrorists for one Sgt. “Bowe” Bergdahl. Some claim that he deserted, and walked into the hands of the Taliban. Based on all the evidence presented thus far, the President broke more than one law in releasing prisoners. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains it to […]

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The ACA is the VA Way!

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The real cost of healthcare will not really hit until after the mid-term elections, and quite possibly not until the People are fooled once again into believing the Democrats will fix everything once they have another socialist in the White House and return the House to a socialist majority. Don’t expect the Republicans to do […]

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Hillary-Gate Part I – Just The Facts!

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UPDATED July 28, 2016 New video from Dick Morris https://www.facebook.com/dickmorriscom/videos/10154398092154438/ While doing research on Hillary Rodham Clinton for an article of my own, I came across this one. Credit where it is due, I present it to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America without edits or comments. You decide for yourself. “A very good and […]

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