We Don’t Need World War!

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The saber rattling needs to stop. In less than a week things have gone from a Trump/Putin partnership to what seems like war with Russia. I’d like to believe that neither is a reality. The problem isn’t Syria nor is it Russia. The problem is the United Nations and the NATO Alliance. Our President shined […]

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Choose Wisely!

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How did we get to where we are today in the united States of America?  What did We the People do to deserve such a state of crisis on so many levels? We grew complacent and allowed others to take responsibility for ourselves and our Fellow Americans. We trusted in those we elected to be […]

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A Belated Fourth of July, or The Fix Is In, Or A Country Without Laws

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It is now an official fact that high Government Officials can; run guns over borders, run Guns to ISIS, Syrian Rebels, and ISIL, order billions of dollars of current military war vehicles abandoned to be taken over by the Enemies of America and used against American Forces, allow crossings of American Borders without intervention of any kind, break security regulations […]

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Hillary Gate Part III: From Benghazi to the White House?

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It seems to me that either most Americans have been totally brainwashed by the media or they have completely lost touch with reality due to the chemical additives in processed foods, and fluoride-laced toothpaste and fluoridated water. The privately-owned major media, controlled by just six separate corporations, get paid to tell you what their sponsors want […]

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  The Hammond Family Fix America has been following the Malheur Wildlife Refuge incident, the Hammond Ranch Incident, and the Bundy Ranch Incident closely and has come across an excellent article authored by John  Marshall parts I and II are here presented for educational purposes of the public. By John MarshallJanuary 21, 2016NewsWithViews.com“I would like to start by saying […]

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Americans Need to Awaken from a Sleep That Will Kill Them

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Americans are due for a horrendous awakening. It will blind side them like a thug in a dark alley throwing a sucker punch:  and Americans will not be able to get back on their feet for round two. Round two will be the use of force, overwhelming force, and the use of the unlawful legal system (and everything it represents) […]

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Kiss Your Children Goodbye, then the Earth; or Wake Up! We Are Under Attack!

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True Evil is difficult to comprehend. It wears different hats. It wears costumes of various professions and avocations. It calls itself by different names. The guise of True Evil will be found through the actions on the various fronts of the past, current, and future Geo-Temporal war being waged by the global elite and their puppet Governors (for us the most recent […]

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What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: Rule by Force and Lies Part 3

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The person illegally occupying the White House* has done everything humanly and inhumanly possible to divide the Nation in all ways while setting family members against one another (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts paid by DHS to report their parents subversive (according to the DHS) activities) and neighbor against neighbor (spread the wealth mentality). The […]

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Ukraine: Freedom or Serfdom?

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While most of the news is focused on the missing Malaysian flight 370, and the Russian Federation taking control in the Crimean region of Ukraine, we are being bombarded with rhetoric from our government about how Vladimir Putin is violating international law and the constitution of the Ukraine. There are many mysteries to be uncovered regarding the […]

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Meanwhile, Back on The Ranch

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This rant is true, accurate, and poignant. It hits the proverbial nail on the head. There are of course other additional concerns and mitigating or amplifying concerns which have already happened in our Nation’s past and earlier, which are best left for other posts. One of the major problems has been one of corporate person-hood, as […]

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Sandy Hook vs. End of the World

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Blessings and prayers to those lost and those who mourn.I was going to write a short post about the end of the world, just as I did many years ago with the Y2K disaster predictions, but now that I seem to be getting all of these emails and posts ob Facebook regarding the shootings that […]

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9/11: What Really Happened?

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Over the past decade, I have watched many shows on television, videos on YouTube, and read many articles and essays about conspiracies and false flag operations in regards to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Most offer good speculations and theories, many of them are convincing enough to indicate that buildings that collapsed that horrible […]

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Stop This Madness and Murder!

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How many years have  the Israelis been subjected to rockets targeting civilians? They were not targeting troops. Hamas militants hide behind children and claim the children are being killed by atrocious Israeli aggression.Both sides are guilty of atrocities against each other, but the privately-owned major media and the American President are most sympathetic to the […]

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