With Prejudice (Without Substance)

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  After 2 years of prison without bail, while awaiting trial in a case that charged good ranchers and their supporters with crimes of threatening federal agents with firearms, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, who had recently declared a mistrial, ruled on Monday that they case be dismissed with prejudice, eliminating another trial for the […]

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American Justice?

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The trial in the Nevada¬†Federal Court presided over by Judge Gloria Navarro, has been nothing less than a display of guilty before verdict. She has acted overtly in favor of the prosecution and has has systematically denied the defendants due process in every way she can. I trust the Esteemed Readers will agree that their […]

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  The Hammond Family Fix America has been following the Malheur Wildlife Refuge incident, the Hammond Ranch Incident, and the Bundy Ranch Incident closely and has come across an excellent article authored by John  Marshall parts I and II are here presented for educational purposes of the public. By John MarshallJanuary 21, 2016NewsWithViews.com“I would like to start by saying […]

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A Deserter and Collaborator Leads to Treason in White House!

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What a difference a day makes! Is it really possible that a CIA station chief in Afghanistan was purposefully outed because he knew something about Bergdahl that the Regime in the White House wanted to keep quiet? Obama seems to want to deflect the issue but even his staunchest supporters are beginning to question this […]

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